Dear Editor


You might not appreciate this, but among the membership of Royal Cape Yacht Club there are some decent and honest people, many of long standing. While they are as one with you about the pharmacist Dave Abromowitz et al (nose24), they are very upset that your revelations might be thought to suggest that the club is a collection of slippery ous, typified by their ex-commodore. Otherwise your current issue is, as always, a great delight.
Tim Anderson

Your articles contains references to Royal Cape Yacht Club and inferences that do not reflect favourably on the Club.
1. David Jack was, and still is, an honorary member of the club in his capacity as
managing director of the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront company. Since all of the principals of the agencies and companies in the port with whom we have working relationships are extended honorary membership, it should be expected that V&A executives are included as honorary members. To infer that Mr Jack, or the V&A Waterfront, has offered preferential treatment to the Royal Cape Yacht Club or any of its members, through his association with the RCYC as an honorary member, is both devoid of truth and unfair.
2. While most of the subscribers to the debentures issued by the – now defunct –
Roaring Forties Association would have been members of RCYC, they were members of the Roaring Forties in their own right. RCYC never had any formal relationship with the Association.
3. In respect of the donations to the NSRI: the Club continues to support the NSRI,
albeit that this has, in recent times, been without as much fanfare as depicted in your article.
Paul Mare, Commodore
Royal Cape Yacht Club
As we said, not for nothing an honorary member of RCYC! As for the NSRI, we’re all for it. – Ed.

Congratulations! Your story regarding Mr Abromowitz, the fraud of the fleet, has really set the cat amongst the pigeons at the Yacht Club. The stories that are now coming out are quite amazing …
Barry Farthing
See page 13. – Ed.


Perhaps no-one really knows how utterly sincere Fredagh Podashuk is, and how passionate she is for fair play. I find it ironic that, at the hands of Graham Beck, she has become the victim of everything she abhors. To subject this dear lady to so much bitterness, in the winter of her life, is a most dastardly act. Maybe readers should decline to drink Douglas Green and Bellingham wines!
Tim Kent

I have never been a beauty, and Graham Beck has never, to my knowledge, been a Beast. If you knew the touching look on his face when he is with his grandchildren!
However, the people who run his affairs are – with rare exceptions – hideous lying bullies. I can’t fathom why he entrusts his vast empire to them.
Fredagh Podlashuk


In response to the critics (nose23) of my article on the Y2K bug (nose22): in my piece, I said: “I decided to investigate … whether this will apply to every PC owner, causing expenditure of trillions …” Seems clear enough to me: I was talking only about PCs. In fact, I phoned Lou Gerstner, and asked if I should deal with mainframes as well; he said no, business is not so good, and I might make things worse. I also phoned Scott McNealy to ask if I should cover Sun Microsystems. The line was very bad, I heard something like “fung off”, I don’t understand Chinese, but took it as a no; so I confined myself to PCs. While I did mention mainframes, it was only in passing. The real point at issue is: when we pass the millennium date, will it harm your PC, your data or your programs? I say no. I never said don’t check your computer. My main point is, before you spend a lot of money, find out whether you have a problem, and if so what is the size. I am prepared to conduct a live debate with the two knowalls who wrote to you criticising me, on PCs and even mainframes; I do know a lot of background about the latter, although I would not be able to sit down and play Beethoven.
Arnold Kalk


You claim [What’s going down with Dullah? – nose24] that the Thornhill Residents’ Association is the author of a pamphlet against Mr Dinesh Gihwala, a resident in our area and a lawyer! We demand that you provide us with proof – or retract the statement altogether in your next edition! We take strong exception to your methods!
L. Omar (Ms)
Secretary, Thornhill Residents’ Association
A relative, perhaps? Look at nose24 again and try seeing what we actually wrote. – Ed.

Re: your article on jobs for Dullah Omar’s pals (nose24): Neither of us is in line, let alone “next in line”, for such a job.
Ebie Mohamed and Nita Hanmer
Cape Town

Why name me? My thing with the minister ended two or three years ago. Do you think if I was still involved with him, I’d have this shit job?!
Nicky van Driel
Pretoria (by telephone)
Sorry. Probably not – Ed.


Recently I filled in an application for a “Woolies Card” and thought no more of it. Imagine my surprise when staff from one of my businesses reported to me that a belligerent credit manager had demanded my personal details (from them!) and, in the course of these Gestapo tactics, divulged confidential information, including my income. Needless to say, my staff were enthralled and are looking forward to the next round of wage negotiations.
Despite a letter to the MD, no apology has been forthcoming. It is no secret that Woolworths have suffered from bad debt problems with their early cards. Now, it seems, they’ve discovered new “veys und means” of avoiding such mistakes.

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