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Party political kak. Learning from the US

Well, here is my little take on the election fever that is among us, not only in the RSA but also in the USA, as all readers will know, my home away from home.

First, allow me to say I am very concerned about our Democratic Alliance (DA). Racism issues as per Sparrow are certainly not doing the party much good and the blabbermouth of Herman Mashaba, their mayoral candidate for Gauteng, is not helping. But we will get to that in a momento (Spanish for moment), hey I am an international kind of guy.

Let us begin, briefly, with the USA. Wow those country folk in Iowa certainly showed the Trump where to get off by choosing Senator Cruz of Texas. Wow again, choosing the son-of-Mexican-descent over the “blue blood” Trump – and these Iowa folks are true-blooded Americans, certainly not the racial and cultural mixture found in places like the Big Apple.

South Africa could learn a thing or two from these primaries that the Americans hold, individuals within the respective parties going against each other. What a pleasure. Now that is real democracy and surely not this party-dominated kak we have here.

Herman Mashaba

Enough of the USA, back on the home front, as I said, I am concerned about the DA. Now the DA leadership puts Herman Mashaba, of Black Like Me fame – you know, the hair products that allow black women to straighten their hair like whitey’s. (No I am not being racist but realistic.)

Now, Mashaba is well known for his outspoken stance against affirmative action, BEE etc. and he has the audacity to spew those views on national news broadcasts. Now I ask you Nosey ones: if you are a party fighting hard to secure as much of the black vote as possible, why would you speak out against what has enabled the development of a black middle class. Whether you like these policies or not, they are there and are necessary to tackle the imbalance we faced under apartheid. And when I say “we”, I am talking about our country as a whole, not black or white. People, we really need to think about the greater good. And that is our country.

Back to the elections and Mr Mashaba’s mumbo jumbo. You see, I am one of those you could call a swing voter – undecided when it comes to local elections. In fact, I have never voted in the local elections because, as a 1000% ANC supporter, I refuse to vote for useless councillors. However, when it comes to the bigger picture, national elections, sorry, but I must keep the ANC in power, Nkandla or no Nkandla. As a black man – and more so, a South African – I feel the ANC’s policies are of personal interest to me. Hey, nations look out for national interests. So when a Mashaba threatens my personal interests, I won’t take it lying down.

So, DA, what your Mashaba has done is to persuade this swing voter, anti- councillors, to now vote in the local elections with a big X for the ANC. Because it has become clear to me that at all costs I must contribute to keep this party in power, in all aspects, national and local, Nkandla or no Nkandla and despite showerhead and the Pres’s silly dancing and singing.

I shared these sentiments with a very good friend here in Barberton who is a prominent member of the DA. He laughed and said, “You’re the fifth black person who has called me about Mashaba to ask ‘what is my leadership thinking?’” I said, they are clearly not thinking.

What kills me is that the DA councillors in Barberton are the most accessible and very proactive in dealing with community problems. And they take on issues on a personal basis, while the ANC morons will say something like “I need to consult”. Consult what? All I want is, my meter has been stolen for the brass and as my ward councillor can’t you help? Oh go to the municipality they say, and I say I have already been there but they keep saying they will tend. In the meantime I am getting bills that are outrageous. How are they calculating my usage without a working meter? Yeah councillors!

In closing, listen to me, DA. You have people like this here educated and well informed journo that would love to see you gain more power and control, particularly on the local front, no ways am I voting for you to take over the country, what will you do with the likes of Mashaba, take away my Land Reform farm, no way!

Word to the wise my friends: choose your leaders carefully. And don’t worry about the Sparrow nonsense. Unfortunately we as human beings have ill feelings about one group or another. You cannot criminalise such feelings or control them in any fashion. Some of those feelings are actually racist – it is just that they are phrases and insults we have become accustomed to. But in today’s world, do not put them on so-called social media that I call social destruction.

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