Travelling conman talks the walk

Travelling conman talks the walk

Faith pilgrimage turns out to be ruse for free ride.

Ordinary people wonder what motivates adventurers to attempt feats that are extraordinary. In the case of Jurie Pieters, his two-year “Geloof Loop” (Faith Walk) turned out to be a ruse for the proverbial free ride.

Pieters invented an elaborate, heart-breaking story that he touted as his motive for embarking on the pilgrimage – including a pact with God. For two years he was able to rely on a weathered look and his bulky 40kg backpack to tap into the goodwill and gullibility of friendly South Africans from North to South, East to West.

During his years on the road spinning his tale of woe, he got to visit some interesting little towns, bedded down in some choice guest houses, hotels and game lodges and even spent some time on a boathouse on the Vaal.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Ken Rohan of Cape Town on 2016-03-02 11:52:12
Under the guise of religion much greater deception has been perpetrated. Until such time as humanity takes charge of its own destiny and stops encouraging belief in the supernatural to guide its course, we will continue to promote unscrupulous individuals like Pieters.

Editor's Note
While faith in the supernatural is undoubtedly exploited by the unscrupulous, the unscrupulous, uninhibited by belief in the supernatural are equally capable of exploiting our natural compassion and goodwill without reference to our religious faith or lack of it. And, as you rightly observe, the deception perpetrated by our tramp was/is relatively harmless. What we should guard against even more is to allow cynicism to rob us of that sense of compassion and goodwill, even if it makes us vulnerable to deception.


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