Nuke warrior

Nuke warrior

He was an anti-apartheid activist at 15 and a Rhodes Scholar who, as head of Greenpeace, has never been afraid to take on the World Economic Forum, governments, Shell and other multinational companies …  Kumi Naidoo is coming home to fight against South Africa’s controversial nuclear deal. By Susan Barkly

South Africa’s proposed deal for another nuclear power station is nothing more than a costly, dead-end road to nowhere, and clearly the wrong choice for the country. So says Kumi Naidoo, the charismatic South African former head of Greenpeace International. Naidoo recently left the environmental organisation  to add his muscle to the struggle for a “just energy future for our country”.

“I believe the South African government can still turn back from an expensive, dangerous nuclear nightmare,” Naidoo told Noseweek. “I’ll certainly be working – along with many others – to ensure that new nuclear projects do not go ahead in this country. Nuclear belongs in our past, and renewable energy is clearly our future.”

Naidoo will join forces with Earthlife Africa and the Southern African Faith Communities Environmental Initiative (Safcei) who filed papers in October, challenging the legality and constitutionality of the process now under way for new nuclear reactors.

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Submitted by : Robert De Vos of Cape Town on 2016-01-30 19:06:36
An inspiration! Bravo!


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