Land-grab by stealth

Land-grab by stealth

The new euphemism is ‘custodianship’ – where the government will own all the land.

What it boils down to is a wholesale land-grab by deceit of the agricultural sector in South Africa. It just won’t carry that politically incorrect label and we probably won’t see any of the messy pictures of poor white farmers driven down Julius Malema Boulevard in their rusty 1960 Hillmans, trailers full of their farmhouse furniture, à la Zimbabwe.

Even Dr Anthea Jeffery, who is head of special research at the liberal-oriented South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR), is careful not to call it a nationalisation assault. But her warnings about the current policy trajectory of the South African Government as it affects farming is deeply disturbing.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : CL RUST of KEMPTON PARK on 2015-08-29 14:31:58
The ANC government effectively nationalised the country's minerals and not a peep was heard from the mining houses who were keen to ingratiate themselves and keep that which they had by 'reapplying' for the mining licenses they already had. Look at the current fiasco!.
So it went when the current labour laws were being promulgated. Not a peep from organised labour or the large corporations. Look at the current fiasco!.
Now the land grab in a similar style and hardly a murmur from anyone. No wonder the ANC is emboldened to do just as they like. What is needed?. Burning tyres, murdering government officials and politicians, burning government buildings. Will this government then desist from acting arbitrarily to push South Africa down the communist road, and ruin?.

Editor's Note
The main attraction of the "Marxist" route (and one wonders how many have read more than a slogan or two coined by the man) is the power it gives to petty politicians and bureaucrats with fake qualifications. Unlike in free enterprise, someone/everyone else pays for your incompetence.


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