Dear Editor

Toast to food for thought

The two bottles of Chenin Blanc and Pinotage I have just received – compliments of Ken Forrester Wines – as one of your lucky subscribers, have made my day.

After returning from Australia to live in Cape Town I felt Noseweek would put me in the picture with news I needed to know. It has provided plenty of food for thought and keeps me informed about current topics. Thank you.

Cape Town

Keep up digging the dirt

I am so glad to have my regular feast of Noseweek. Without it I would be left in the dark – not just thanks to Eksdom [sic]. I stopped listening to SABC radio and watching SABC TV news bulletins years ago when it became apparent these were blatant propaganda.

I continued to read newspapers but I have become disillusioned with the “independent group” since their acquisition, probably using our tax money.

I refuse to read their newspapers, and read the Mail & Guardian and Noseweek. Apart from these two, I stay uninformed and feel a lot better for being without the daily self-congratulatory drivel and lies emanating from the ANC propaganda machine.

Keep up digging the dirt and exposing these disgusting thieves.

I know of many other people who depend on real independent reporting to be able to get to the truth in our wonderful (but bleeding) country.

Soon may it prosper once the parasites lose out to modern social media and your exposure of their ineptness and outdated thinking.


Politically neutered press

Love Noseweek, but scary as usual! Wish your articles could be seen by a wider audience.

I note you have picked up a feisty new writer in the form of Donwald Pressly due to the fallout as the big papers become more politically neutered. How can the free press compete when government funds the new ANC-biased titles?

Richard Baker

The answer to your question: The free press can easily compete on quality and enterprise – but only if intelligent citizens actively promote, buy and subscribe to the few remaining independent news media, rather than waiting to be served up what comes easy, cheap or free – “news” that gossipers, advertisers  and government spin doctors desperately want you to consume for their own self-serving reasons. It still amazes me that good people who are prepared to pay handsomely for junk entertainment, for some obscure reason expect serious, professionally assembled and articulated information to be delivered to their doorstep for free. This misjudgment could cost us all dearly in the long run. Ed.

Championing grandma’s cures

Dr Barbara Zeisler’s letter (nose186) in rebuttal of Dr Harris Steinman’s arguments to the Advertising Standards Authority raises more questions than it offers answers.

If you wish to champion everything from grandma’s tried and trusted cures to mumbo jumbo incantations, and take on the world of science and money (even if they are too often lacking in compassion), you need to present hard facts.

On the matter of the “questionable qualifications” of the ASA directorate (presumably you mean medical qualifications; the chairman is an ex Concourt judge!), may we assume that Dr Zeisler is not lacking in this regard?

Leon van der Merwe

As I understand Dr Zeisler’s position, natural and traditional remedies are trusted by custom and intuition, whereas medical science is explicitly distrusted by her and those who share her views, because of its alleged arrogance, misguided self-confidence and hidden commercial interest. Ed.

►Your report on the ASA’s ruling on advertisements for Herbex slimming products raises the question: Does the Medical Control Council not have a role to play here? Do weight-loss products not have to be registered?

Roland Andrews

It’s criminal, letting Eskom fail

ESCUM. That is what I’m calling that organisation from now on… it reached Standard & Poor’s junk status recently, didn’t it? Further, I think that the ANC has reverted to being a terrorist organisation by allowing Escum to fail. 

As you so correctly state in your Editorial, “Fifty Shades of Dark” (nose186), the only real solution is to get rid of the ultimate cause: President Zuma and his cronies everywhere, including Lynne Brown, Public Enterprises Minister, who complains of being kept in the dark about developments at Escum and who now knows what that feels like!

It is disheartening to see my once full-of-potential integrated country – one that I worked so hard to support – just disintegrate.

Pam Herr
Sun Valley

Goose bumps

In my culture the epitome of greed and stupidity is to kill the goose that lays golden eggs. Zuma, Ramaphosa, Mbete and their fellow kleptocrats are doing a fine job of killing off the South African goose.

Pray that Eskom collapses soon so as not to prolong its agony!

Christopher Soal
By email

Snub from once-proud JCI

Apart from supportive comments by email and telephone from old pals and equally disgusted ex-JCI pensioner colleagues, my letter to Noseweek (nose184) has drawn no res-ponse from those who should have been awakened to their responsibilities.

There has been no sign or hint of action from any of the directors of present-day JCI. If they all, or each individually, see fit to behave in such a manner and find that they are able to sleep at night and live without their consciences nagging at them as the days draw on to the final winding up of that once-proud and great company, then I shall not belittle myself further by again writing to them seeking to have my agreement honoured.

Peter Gray has, to this day, never contacted me to discuss my suggestion that we negotiate a pension lump sum to be paid to me prior to JCI’s being finally wound up.

Doug Beynon

Sevenoaks, Kent, UK

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