Eskom: It's downhill all the way

Eskom: It's downhill all the way

The shocking truth behind South Africa’s energy crisis. And the bad news is: things can only get worse.

If the cost of electricity continues to rise at the rate of the past few years, by 2030 the average household in South Africa will be paying R100,000 a month just to keep the lights on. The Eskom crisis is not only a critical situation, it is fast on its way to becoming a national catastrophe.

The power utility is already drowning in a tsunami of debt, is in an administrative mess and simply does not have the skills, manpower or the financial means to recover.

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Submitted by : Frank Payne of Bedfordview on 2015-04-04 13:19:14
How is it possible for any thinking person, black, brown or white, to continue voting this government into power. The only conclusion I can come to is that the uneducated or downright stupid sectors of our population, haven't a clue what disasters they are creating. It behoves everyone of concience in this country to help open the eyes of those blinded by ignorance, before the stae implodes to become another African catastrophe.


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