Evidence slim for weight-loss product

Evidence slim for weight-loss product

Judge rules against herbal remedy

The ASA Code of Practice says that an advertiser must be honest, and must not make claims that are misleading. It also says that if an advertisement makes claims that are objectively verifiable, the advertiser must be in possession of documentary evidence that supports those claims, and that documentation must come from someone who is  “independent, credible and an expert in the particular field”.

So what typically happens in the world of Harris Steinman is that a pedlar of snake oil puts out advertising material that makes enticing claims; Steinman lodges an ASA objection on the basis that the claims are false and misleading; the pedlar responds with the documentary evidence that it says substantiates the claims; and the ASA makes a decision.

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Submitted by : Paul Gaydon of Pietermaritzburg on 2015-03-03 09:36:48
Blue Green algae also produce extremely toxic compounds known as algal toxins which are lethal in their toxicity compared to cyanide or strychnine.

Editor's Note
CAN they, or DO they produce "extremely toxic compounds"? Under what circumstances? It would be great if you could give us a reference on this. – Ed.


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