Post mortem

Post mortem

Recent mail strikes are ruining businesses – and could spell The End for the state-run service.

Frustration with the Post Office has reached fever pitch, particularly in the publishing and mail-order businesses that depend on delivery to customers. The entire business-to-business sector is rushing to find alternative means of delivering all over the country. It’s do – or die.

The government doesn’t appear to give a toss about the public’s outrage at the failure of the Post Office’s management to resolve the strike – which has been off and on (mainly on) for the past three years.

After a four-month bout of striking – particularly concentrated in the Johannesburg sorting sites – the cabinet did not even have the matter on its agenda at its bi-weekly meeting in early November. Minister in the Presidency, Jeff Radebe, who briefed the media at parliament, first avoided a question about the strike, then, when pressed, said: “We did not discuss the issue of the Post Office.”

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : C D Kenny of LONEHILL on 2014-12-09 14:23:53
Telkom, Eskom, Transnet, SAPO ....... why are we surprized?
Submitted by : Mike Webb of ROODEPOORT on 2014-11-28 17:16:27
One really good spinoff is that it has helped to take e-tolls down.
Submitted by : Rory Norton on 2014-11-28 14:47:13
Look into the implications of insurance claims against parcels not being delivered. I battled to get the claim form and once that was completed, my local post office branch refused to accept it, saying that my parcel was posted (in late August) with my full knowledge of the strike. Not so! Besides, if not delivered by late November it should be considered lost or stolen.

Editor's Note
The Post Office is, it seems, determined to wipe itself out in the shortest possible time. Imagine telling your customers: "You post at your own peril, since you know we're on strike more often than not, so don't expect to claim on your post office insurance." Those PO workers don't seem to appreciate that they are in greater peril than we are. – Ed.
Submitted by : Frank Payne of Bedfordview on 2014-11-27 17:20:52
SAPO has passed it's sell by date. Close it up and stop wasting taxpayers' money.

Editor's Note
The Post Office still provides an honest living to thousands of employees, and – when properly managed – provides an essential service to many people and businesses that, in turn, provide employment for more thousands of people. Hasty dismissal is not necessarily the best solution, although I admit in the absence of competent management (not necessarily "racially representative" management), it might be the only one.
In the meantime the union leader already threatening renewed strikes in the New Year is so reckless of the national interest he should be charged with treason! – Ed.


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