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Sidney Frankel:  victims find their voice

I read the article on Sidney Frankel in nose180 and wish like hell I hadn’t. I too was abused by this man when I was eight or nine, for a few years. The story brought all those memories back that I had successfully (or so I thought) buried and dealt with. I have thought of nothing else since I read the article and have been incredibly emotional.

I wish to remain anonymous. My husband and mom know about it, my children and father don’t.  I would hate nothing more than for them to find out.

I guess I am writing this perhaps to ease some of the anger that I am feeling at the moment and to let you know that there is one more person to add to his abuse tally. Also, I wanted to get hold of Jio Rosenberg, as perhaps by writing an email to him it might help to ease these feelings. I sent him a friend request on Facebook but he would not know who I am. He should know that there is someone else out there thinking of him.

I have been happily married for 22 years and have my two kids. We still live in Joburg. For the most part I am completely normal and happy – but fall off the rails sometimes (as most people do). Seeing this article has opened up such wounds now and I wonder how on earth I will have the energy to heal them.

Name withheld
► I have just read your article on Sidney Frankel. I too was one of those children. Exactly my story. This went on for a couple of years. Thirty-three years of therapy and wondering why?

 I would like to come forward with my story, hopefully to help other victims. I would like to be in contact with other victims. I am interested to know how many there are of us, children molested by this man.

Daniela McNally
Chicago, USA

► Please link me to the group dealing with the Sidney Frankel matter.

And thank you for having the courage to expose this issue. It has helped me to find my voice after almost 40 years.

Cape Town

► I head an organisation that supports male survivors of sexual abuse. First, thank you for publishing the Frankel story. I see there were also stories about Jonti Sandler, another notorious rapist of men. It is a topic most try to avoid, and I applaud Noseweek for having the courage and for their excellent investigative journalism. It is high time that more of the press write about these “thieves of innocence”. It is a difficult thing for men to come out and talk about their rapes as children, but more stories like these will encourage others to talk about their pain.

Kindly forward our group’s details to victims so we can support them and encourage them to lay charges.

By the way, there is no statute of limitations in South Africa for sexual abuse cases, so all of Frankel’s victims are well within their rights to lay charges. If we can get three or four together, MatrixMen will be happy to assist and support the victims.

Martin Belders

► In the Van Zijl case, the Supreme Court of Appeal (as mentioned in a comment to the online article) redefined the three-year prescriptive period for civil claims with regard to sexual offences. If helpful and appropriate, I would be happy to point you or anyone else on behalf of Frankel’s victims in the right direction on prescription and refer to the international research literature relied on in the Van Zijl and other cases.

John Whitehead
Kenilworth, Cape Town

►Sidney Frankel a paedophile: Odd that this sensational revelation hasn’t made the mainstream media. Any conclusions we should draw?

David Bullard
Via twitter

True, with one notable exception: Bruce Whitfield’s The Money Show on 702 and Cape Talk. The only certain conclusion to be drawn from the media silence is that Noseweek remains essential reading. For the rest, we can only speculate about what the mainstream media’s reasons for ignoring the story might be.

Frankel is very successful and that’s all that matters; this type of story is bad for business and/or the image of the Rand Club; paedophilia is a “private” matter; or, probably closer to the truth, they eagerly write about sex but only the kind that sells aftershave, underwear and fast cars.Ed.

►After waiting for about 43 years, the truth about this monster is out! Over the years I told many of Sidney Frankel’s friends about his molesting young kids, but they chose not to believe me.

I used to go riding with father Lesley (who, for the record, also tried sexual advances on me – I kicked him hard and that stopped him quick) and son Sidney who, I was to discover, was a different sort of sex predator.

After an outride with this charming pair, we were all sitting around a table, with my daughter aged 10 sitting next to me, when Sidney announced that he was taking some orphans up to his trout farm for a weekend and asked me if my daughter would like to go along.

My daughter started screaming, No, No! Sidney, as cool as a con man, turns to my daughter and says, “Don’t worry, you don’t have to sleep with the orphans, you can sleep in my bedroom.” This was said in front of all of us. He was that cool an operator. My daughter went hysterical, screaming, so I took her out of the room.

In the car on the way home she told me how Sidney took her into the stables and tried to finger her and molest her. You can imagine how shocked I was.

I was told by my father, Frank [Waring], not to mention it to Sidney’s father – Sidney being an only son… and Lesley giving huge donations to the Nationalist Party! [Frank Waring had become the token English member of the National Party cabinet.Ed.]

When, a few weeks later, Lesley phoned me to ask why I wasn’t riding with them anymore, I told him to ask his son – and that’s the last time I ever spoke to this family.

But I told everybody I could about him and was told by many Jewish kids that he used to babysit them, molest them, and that’s how it all started. But, like mine, the parents of these kids, told them not to say anything!

Eventually his best mates became the ANC, especially Cyril Ramaphosa, and Frankel donations started flowing to the ANC. I kept on with my crusade to tell everybody and anybody who knew him, what a serious slime ball predator Sidney was.

So when my daughter called me from the airport in Durban to tell me about your article on Sidney, she and I were like Wow! at last, this dreadful person will finally get his just dues – unless of course, like so many ANC donors and leaders, he’s allowed to get off scott free.

Thanks Noseweek, I will be forever grateful.

Frances Waring
Cape Town

Post you’re not supposed to get

Thank you for delivering my October edition to my front door. I appreciate the effort that you made to get your magazine to me, despite the postal strike.

DC Bridger

► I paid a visit to my postbox (in the faint hope of it actually containing some mail) and behold! – there on top of a very small pile of trivial items, such as bills, was an envelope bearing that wonderful title – Noseweek! So, thank you for getting this through to me via whatever means it took.
Bob Broom

► Thank you Mr Nose for ensuring that, with the Post Office Awol, I still got my monthly fix, with nose180 being hand delivered. Wish all suppliers had the same interest in servicing their customers.

Oscar Norris

See editorial Ed.

KPMG: it all adds up

I just read about JCI and Randgold. Is it just coincidence that KPMG were also the auditing firm for GT247 (noses166,167)  – an audit (that proved nothing) last year?

William Joshua

You’re on the ball. Now read How Investec scammed US-listed company in this issue. – Ed.

SABC man’s direct line

A big thank you for the Motsoeneng sleuthing in Donwald Pressly’s weekly blog on NoseweekOnline. The ancestral hotline could just explain everything about Hlaudi’s survival and the ongoing, insane Zumafication of the SABC.

Ed Herbst
Cape Town

Rhodes Village revival

I would like to respond in a positive way to your articles on the Rhodes hotel (nose163;165;171;180). The three parties are equally to blame for the demise of not only the hotel but the shop and off sales as well. This has ripped the guts out of the town. In fact it has hit rock bottom.

But Rhodes still has much to offer and there are thousands of friends of Rhodes who keep coming back, no matter what. Thanks to the efforts of four passionate and committed “Rhodes-ites”, the village is pulling itself up by the bootstraps and is well on the way to recovery and a new era – with or without the hotel.

The cornerstone of the revival is the establishment of The Rhodes Information Association and the opening of a permanently staffed Information Centre in the Village.

A new website is up and running although there’s still work to be done on it. Visit www.rhodesinfo.co.za
Two newsletters have already been distributed and the support and interest has been overwhelming. All this in the short space of three months. We should have called it Rhodes-Project Phoenix! For more info contact Jess Walters at contact@rhodesinfo.co.za

Dave Kirkby

Nedbank sim-swop fraud

Your reader Jan Venter (Letters, nose180) tells how his Nedbank accounts were cleaned out by a fraudster who, with the collusion of someone at Vodacom, managed to do a sim swop on his cellphone number.

I have suffered exactly the same fraud, and Nedbank said that I must have logged on to a phishing site – which does not explain the sim swop.

Would Jan Venter please contact me, so that we can try together to get some compensation from the bank and the mobile phone company.

Barbara Fisher

Debunking the Dalai Lama?

I am surprised at the naivety of Noseweek in its attitude to the Dalai Lama: is he truly “a man of the highest moral standing” as your online blogger from Parliament so glowingly suggests (NoseweekOnline180)? Or might he have a darker side?

A Google search will turn up numerous descriptions of the holy man’s less attractive attributes: religious intolerance; intimidation of political opponents; sexual abuse by his followers; the desire to return Tibet into a medieval feudal society – with himself as the lord and master.

The media appear unwilling to take a warts-and-all look at the man – one who basks in the attention of starlets and other important people.

Bruce MacDonald

You’ve made a brave attempt. Ed.

Using smears to avoid payouts

Your article “Murder mystery delays R17m insurance payout” (nose178) sounded so familiar. My sympathies to Alexander Klencovljevic.

My wife, as beneficiary of a life policy of her business partner who passed away in January 2009, has been fighting 1Life Insurance ever since then for a payout.

One of 1Life’s tactics was intimidation, inter alia falsely laying criminal charges of fraud and murder against me and my wife respectively.

In the witness box, I was asked under cross-examination why we continued with civil litigation against 1Life whilst we knew they had requested a delay pending the criminal investigation. My response was: how long must we wait? Five years? Twenty years?

During the trial we won on several issues: 1Life said the deceased had no income, the court ruled she did; 1Life said they had no agreement with the deceased, in court they changed their minds. 1Life said the deceased was not the person who made the phone call taking out the insurance, in court they admitted that she was.

Unfortunately the court ruled against us on 1Life’s contention that the insured had misrepresented her state of health and, six years on in the case, we have taken the matter on appeal, which is still to be heard.

Whatever the outcome, by now it is obvious that, like Vetten’s inference in the Discovery Life case, 1Life never had any evidence of wrongdoing by me or my wife, because as we said all along, there is none.
It was simply a malicious tactic to intimidate us into abandoning the claim.

C Visser

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