Dear Editor

Dear Sir
On March 13 I was stopped at a yield sign, waiting for a break in the traffic, when I was hit in the rear by a lady driver who caused R8715 worth of damage. The driver, Mrs Lucretia Edwards, works for Santam Insurance and assured me that Santam will pay for my car to be fixed. I immediately got quotations and faxed them to her. Three weeks later, Santam had the cheek to offer me R3500 as full settlement.
I have been seriously inconvenienced. As an estate agent, I need my car seven days a week. Two months have passed and I’m still trying to get payment. What annoys me most is that her car is already fixed.
S Smith, Durban (See page 17. Ed.)

Dear Sir
Although I have little time for Hersch and his over-inflated ego – he has hurled many insults at people in the insurance industry – I must say that, once again, ABSA has managed to blot its copybook, and in this case I support the little man.
Member of the Industry, Cape Town

Dear Sir
The integrity of any company rests o n that of its top management. ABSA has proved, once again, to be sadly lacking in that department.
Your report on the Hersch case leaves me speechless. My only hope is that David may yet slay his Goliath.
R A Kahn, Cape Town
(See Updates)

Dear Sir
I attach a copy of a letter of complaint against noseweek for your attention.
Yours sincerely
E H Linington, Press Ombudsman of SA
Attached letter:
Complaint against noseweek:
I include a copy of the article complained of. [The March installment of our Hofmeyr story. Ed.] The next installment is probably due in the near future, and I fear that it may be equally defamatory of me. I would appreciate it if you could at least bring this complaint to the notice of the publication concerned in order to inhibit a continuation o f their conduct.
F G Preller SC, Pretoria
(noseweek inhibited? See page 13. – Ed.)

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