The man who stole justice

The man who stole justice

Are judges too weak to defend the law against Lennie the Liquidator? One investec victim, Justin Lewis,  fought back vigorously as Katz applied for his personal sequestration to 'cut him off at the knees'.

But Katz and his friends at Investec underestimated Lewis – at least temporarily. He had an unexpected source of funding and, unlike most Katz victims, was able to employ some of the best advocates money can buy not only to oppose his sequestration, but also to get a high court injunction forcing Investec to produce the incriminating accounts it had withheld for more than a year.

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Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs
Lennie The Liquidator
Leonard Katz
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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Jonn Basson of Pretoria on 2014-07-24 17:28:59
The behaviour of Katz and Lenny the Liquidator is disgusting and I wish Ian Brakspear every success in nailing these parasites to the cross. Very few people realise the billions of Rands fraudulently stolen by lawyers and liquidators every day in this country. It has become so bad that lawyers and liquidators in every province have formed syndicates to litigate solvent businesses into liquidation and steal the assets from these businesses for their own pockets. Allthought bad enough, what ENS/Katz charged for their services is minor compared to what they probably made from underhand deals out of the Lewis and Brakspear matters.
Submitted by : Clive Varejes of GALLO MANOR on 2014-06-27 22:25:10
Really enjoyed the comment regarding second hand cars.
The 'repossession' of cars by banks and financial institutions would be a wonderful subject for investigation by Noseweek.
Certain of these programs have to be one of the most corrupt industries in this country, and knowing the amount of corruption in our beloved country that is saying something.
If anyone considers this worthy of investigation, I will gladly supply copious facts in this regard.
Please remind me exactly where, in the ranking of the most distrusted institutions in the country Banks and Insurance companies lie?


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