Lady Justice turns blind eye

Lady Justice turns blind eye

Reclusive judge turns blind eye to her own eviction notice and sits tight and ignores threatened legal action.

Cape Town businesswoman Lizette Piha was delighted when she was told she’d be getting a judge as a tenant in her Bloemfontein townhouse. But ever since Free State High Court Judge Shamin Ebrahim moved in just over a year ago, Piha has had one problem after another with the tenancy, to the point where she eventually decided she’d rather sell up and be done with it.

But she can’t sell because Judge Ebrahim is refusing to vacate the premises. This is despite several formal notices of termination of lease (which, in any event, had reached its expiry date) and despite several attempted interventions by the Judge President of the Free State.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Myron Robinson of East London on 2014-06-22 16:01:56
I thought that the actions of Judges should be beyond reproach. The JSC is a political body that continually appoints Judges who are neither competent nor suitable. The conduct of Ebrahim J, as described above, does not bode well for the Judiciary. If a Judge flaunts the law why should Joe Public be law compliant. We unfortunately have a culture of non-compliance which starts from the top and is now being followed by some in the Judiciary. What an indictment on our society.


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