New deal looms on car repair costs

New deal looms on car repair costs

South African motorists could soon benefit from significant savings on vehicle parts.

Noseweek readers should by now have more than an inkling of the remarkably cavalier attitude that motor manufacturers display towards the rights of South African car owners regarding after-sales service, spares prices, workshop repairs and factory recalls. Over the years manufacturers and importers have become increasingly militant in their efforts to force customers to pay dealers’ hugely exploitative prices for services and parts that are often available much more cheaply from other sources.

Punishments, visited upon those with the temerity to try to save money by shopping elsewhere, have included cancellation of warranties. And horror stories abound of franchises refusing to work on cars that have had any repairs carried out, no matter how small or irrelevant, by “unauthorised” workshops. This, according to numerous accounts, sometimes happens irrespective of whether there is still a paid-up service or maintenance plan applicable on the vehicle. 

But the industry worldwide is now no longer satisfied with having its fangs lodged in the customers’ jugulars for only the period of the warranty and service plan, usually between three and five years.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Loren Hollingworth of Sandton on 2014-05-21 15:33:09
My aircon compressor broke on my Hyundai Tucson 2008 Diesel in April this year.

Although my maintenance and warranty had fallen away, I went to Hyundai for help as I was leaving for holiday in the Berg in two days.
Hyundai kindly agreed to assist me at the last minute and ordered a compressor for me, installed the part and gave me a bill for R19 000.00.

Last Saturday I visited the Korean Autopart store in Randburg to see if they had a panel for my passenger door as it had broken off. Out of interest I asked the counter sales person how much they charged for a Hyundai Aircon Compressor for my vehicle.

Imagine my shock and horror when he told me that I would pay around
R4 200.00 for the compressor!

Hyundai had charged me a WHOPPING R16 000.00 excl labour for the same part!

I understand that the dealerships need to make money and pay expenses, however, if they had marked up the price by 100% I would not have minded as they did a good job repairing the vehicle and helping me at the last minute.

This has taught me a valuable lesson……SHOP AROUND, if your vehicle is out of warranty AND maintenance, it is not in your best interest to turn to the dealers as this kind of pricing is ridiculous and should not be allowed in the industry! Someone needs to look into this and expose these thieves!
Submitted by : Norman Simon of SYDNEY on 2014-04-21 12:05:28
We own a 1993 Nissan Sentra GX 1.6 in immaculate condition which we garage at our holiday home in Cape Town.
A recent service at the Nissan franchise showed that tie rod ends needed replacement.Cost R750 for the parts and 1 hr labour.Total vat included R1200.
Obtained the identical pair for R165 (vat included )at an independent supplier.Relaced by a tyre company at no charge at wheel alignment service.


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