UPDATE: Vroom vroom championships

New vroom vroom championships has been announced.

Noseweek’s report on the parlous state of Superbike racing in South Africa (nose172) had hardly hit the streets when Motorsport SA (MSA) bowed to pressure from its sponsors and issued a press statement announcing the dawn of “an exciting new era” in Superbike racing: a stand-alone motorcycle national championship competition to be established this year. The planned championship series will run over eight rounds in five provinces.

MSA have relinquished management and promotion of the biking series to a private company called GAS Sports, while MSA remains the overall governing body for all motorsport in South Africa.

In the Superbike competition, the premier category is to be SuperGP which, as leading manufacturers have been demanding, will be run on near-stock 1000cc machines, which are much cheaper and therefore likely to attract more competitors. Super600 will be the junior class, riding similarly unmodified 600cc production bikes.

There will be a third class for highly modified machinery as in the past, and also a separate class for riders over the age of 35 riding on 1000cc machines.

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