Mercedes plan questioned

Mercedes plan questioned

Wake-up call for dream machine owners as Benz brand motor maintenance plans are challenged in courts.

Everything that goes into a new Mercedes-Benz is uniquely Mercedes-Benz, which is why, when it comes to keeping it one hundred percent that way, only one maintenance plan makes our grade. A maintenance plan that goes the extra mile. Delivering far more than you’d expect.” That’s Mercedes-Benz’s highly trumpeted maintenance warranty scheme, dubbed MobiloDrive.

But certain owners are finding that these standards don’t meet their expectations after they have forked out handsomely for the quality synonymous with the Mercedes-Benz brand.


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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : on 2014-03-03 05:53:44
My, how Mercedes has changed!
I bought my 123 series 200 automatic in 1983, about a year after two of my colleagues had purchased the same model.
At about 20,000 kilometres both of their cars had problems with the timing chain mechanism, but both were still under guarantee and repairs were effected without charge.
Shortly before my vehicle was due to come out of guarantee I took it to the AA (they've changed too - in those days an AA test meant something!) and they informed me that my timing chain was noisy.
I took the car to Mercedes and they replaced the mechanism under warranty.
About 20,000 kilometres later (well out of guarantee by then), I noticed the noise again, so I took the vehicle to Orbit Motors, where I always had it serviced, and told them that, in my opinion, this could now be construed as a known factory defect.
They agreed and not only replaced the mechanism, but replaced it, free of charge, with a new double timing chain that was known to be defect free.
28 - odd years later, i am still driving that car - or should I say, my wife is driving it -I have to drive a bakkie!
You would think that they would have learned that the old approach was the one that kept me singing their praises for over 30 years, but they seem to have fallen prey to the ugly, modern philosophy of "profit now, and to hell with the long term consequences".


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