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The office of the Press Ombudsman has reprimanded Noseweek for failing to  offer well-known motivational speaker and adventurer Sean Wisedale reasonable right of reply prior to the publication of an article headlined “Another top sportsman loses it” (April 2013, nose162).

The story was about Wisedale’s behaviour in allegedly disturbing his neighbourhood in the Durban suburb of Glenwood.

The Press Council’s Adjudication Panel has also directed Noseweek to correct the erroneous statements that:

• Wisedale’s child was 18 months old when the story was published (instead of 11 months);

• that his father-in-law visited him twice at night when the police were on the scene (instead of once);

• and to withdraw the claim that Wisedale fell out with his friend, Mike Greenaway. Noseweek is happy to do so.

The panel dismissed the largest part of Wisedale’s complaint, finding that Noseweek had sufficient evidence to support the overall thrust of the article.

Publication of this correction notice was delayed pending the outcome of Wisedale’s application for leave to appeal the Ombudsman’s ruling.

As reported in nose172, his application was rejected by the head of the appeal panel, retired Judge Bernard Ngoepe, as having no prospect of success.

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