Update: Nasty Neighbours 2 – Masekela moves in where Braude moves out

In mid-January Michael Young, senior partner at Fairbridges attorneys Johannesburg branch, and trustee resident  of  posh Glenhof Gardens

Hugh Masekela

in Riviera, threw caution to the wind and wrote to lawyers representing his nemesis in the neighbour wars, Claudia Braude. He demanded to see documentary proof she had sold her apartment in the building “as your client unfortunately is economical with the truth and whatever she says cannot be relied upon.”

Her attorneys confirmed that they had been instructed to do the transfer, but refused to give him any further information, whereupon Young went so far as to threaten court action if they did not produce the actual deed of sale for his perusal.

Maybe we can understand why Young found it so difficult to believe what Braude had just told him by telephone: she has sold her luxurious apartment to world-famous jazz trumpeter Hugh Masekela, who will be moving in as soon as transfer is completed in the next few weeks.

Other apartment owners include various legal eminences and former BHP Billiton boss Brian Gilbertson. Has Masekela been warned?

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