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Robokemp. Trappings of power

Robokemp. Trappings of power

One smoggy morning in 2007, villagers in south-western China awoke to discover that a large part of their mountain had been spray-painted luminous green. Mining companies had quarried a giant chunk out of said mountain, and the local government had decided it was time to be eco-conscious and pretty the whole thing up. Cue millions of gallons of paint, and a naïve attempt to convince the world – and perhaps themselves – that the motherland was still unscarred.

These days, China is moving in the right direction where pollution and all things green are concerned. One might even say that its new environmental policies are a breath of fresh air, if such a thing existed in China. Nevertheless, it remains the world’s largest polluter and, apparently, the world’s largest consumer of green paint: as recently as March, Britain’s The Telegraph revealed that the city of Chengdu was painting dead yellow grass a lovely shade of toxic electric emerald.

Given the precedent set by Africa’s new political paymasters, we should count ourselves lucky that our own government hasn’t yet resorted to such measures to keep its indiscretions secret. Then again, there’s not enough green paint in the world to cover Nkandla...

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Submitted by : Lydia Shuman on 2014-01-07 13:15:39
When will Top Billing enlighten us on Nkandla?
Say one home per episode!


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