Bachman overdrive. Tender is the balsamic glaze

Bachman overdrive. Tender is the balsamic glaze

I have a confession to make. I have probably exterminated more animals than Melissa Bachman. I love animals. I love loving them as pets. I love admiring their majesty and diversity. I also love them when they are drenched in a Spur Bar­B­Q sauce or draped over me as a leather jacket, especially when it is paired with some well­fitting Levi jeans. So writes Vivienne Vermaak, who after years spent "earning a living", returns to Noseweek's pages.

Look, I do not have the guts to personally stalk and kill the animal like Bachman. I am happy for others to slay them and present them to me in neat little plastic packages or on a plate with a side-order of chips...

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Albert De Klerk on 2013-12-22 08:23:32
Vivienne - I totally agree. She does have spectacular tits.
Submitted by : R YOUNG of RONDEBOSCH on 2013-12-21 10:10:40
In my view it is okay to kill something to eat, moreso if it were bred and raised for that purpose.

But it is an absolute no-no to kill something just for the thrill and the rest of it just goes wasted.

And it is a no-no-no to kill something as rare and endangered as lions and rhinos.

As for Bachman, despite being reported as sporting a pair of impressive mammae, which is her only real claim to fame, what she has done elsewhere has left her as one of the more reviled inhabitants of this precious earth.
Submitted by : Philip Curtis of Robertson on 2013-12-20 21:08:19
Ohmigosh! Honesty on this subject at last.
You will have to be careful, Vivienne - a journalist's career can be cut drastically short by writing an honest piece, especially one that may expose the weak underbelly of the left-wing, pinko, bunny-hugging, liberal greenies (as I like to call them).
In fact, I suspect that there is probably only one journal that would ever publish stuff like this - you had better not annoy the powers that be at Noseweek. You could find yourself out of a job and unemployable!
Well done!
Phil Curtis


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