Mandela's legacy betrayed

Mandela's legacy betrayed

‘The first thing that strikes one as one reads the pages of Nelson Mandela’s speeches, letters and transcripts collected in No Easy Walk to Freedom is that he and his generation of ANC and ANC Youth League leaders were political giants compared with the current cohort. During the ‘dark times’ of apartheid, the Mandela generation was far more visionary, intellectually astute, open to new ideas and far wiser..."

Respected author and political commentator William Gumede demonstrates just how far the current leadership has strayed from the ANC’s vision under the old guard.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : R YOUNG of RONDEBOSCH on 2013-12-25 08:44:39
The new cabal are parasitic fiscal opportunists, feeding shamelessly and conspicuously at the troughs of transformation and redistribution, taking advantage of the sacrifices of their predecessors and all those who made contributions to achieving a peaceful solution for the country's then seemingly intractable problems.

Betrayed indeed.


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