Motorsport boss sold hot Porsches

Motorsport boss sold hot Porsches

Silence reigns.

Money went missing after luxury cars were sold on commission – but the NPA is taking ages to act.

Motorsport South Africa, the national governing body for motor racing, issued an extraordinary press release on 1 November 2011 about “allegations surrounding Motorsport South Africa’s (MSA’s) Chief Executive Officer Francois Pretorius…” It said, “Until there is a criminal prosecution against Mr Pretorius, or he is convicted in a court of law, his appointment as the Chief Executive Officer of MSA is supported by the Board.”

The MSA recklessly regurgitated the line Jan Francois Pretorius had fed it. First, they should have asked him why, if he was squeaky clean, had he found it necessary to appoint “attorneys and counsel” to deal with the matters and cooperate with the police.

And they should also have paid more attention when Noseweek journalist Paul Kirk asked questions about the shenanigans of their new CEO. Kirk told them on the day before they issued their press release that Pretorius had been arrested and what the allegations were. Instead of answering Kirk’s questions they issued their press release and then referred him to it.  

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Submitted by : Les Wittenberg of EZE VILLAGE on 2013-12-21 14:12:35
A diet of mielie pap and cold early morning showers will wipe the stupid-arse smile off his face - forget the 'oh shame ..he's mentally wotever .."he is a thief and should be dealt with accordingly. Maybe the CNA - oops ANC - will accept his qualifications and offer him a top job looking after their fleet!


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