Water rights - and wrongs

Water rights - and wrongs

They came, they saw, they loitered – and nobody knows why or when the weird weir affair will be resolved.

Stephen Pain owns a farm outside Riversdale in the Western Cape. It is bordered on one side by the Kruisrivier, and his stretch includes a gauging weir which is the property of the Department of Water Affairs.

Pain was absent from the farm for some time during 2010, but when he pitched up in January 2011, it was to discover that the Department of Water Affairs had moved men and building materials on to his farm a few months earlier in order to do “repair” work on the weir. The foreman explained to  Pain that the weir had been built in 1964 and that the top of the wall had eroded and repair work was vital, as the weir formed a key part of the regional water scheme. (It is designed to measure water volumes for allocation to farmers downstream.) The work would take two months. Really?

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Andre Louw on 2013-10-25 10:01:21
"In my experience, treating people with respect and dignity also helps to get the job done.” the words of MEC Theuns Botha may be something which Stephen Pain should take to heart when next dealing with our civil servants.

Servants they may well be, but "civil" is the way they expect to be treated. If not, one will only meet with their most powerful weapon; Inertia.


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