Dear Reader: Moonshine

Noseweek has always believed in sunshine journalism. We expose sin in dark corners and alleyways to the bright light of day. Our job is to keep those with power on the straight and narrow; to contain their ability to abuse power; to keep the sun shining on them so that we can see what they are up to.

What happy new Independent Newspapers’ boss Iqbal Survé, and the happy Gupta brothers who own the New Age and ANN7 TV, and the happy SABC are really promoting is moonshine journalism that allows them to get up to mischief in the shadows while we’re seduced by the romantic atmosphere.

Those who still know their Latin will know that moonshine journalism is lunatic journalism. Those of more colloquial bent will know moonshine journalism is intoxicated, out of touch with reality and irresponsible.

Happiness in South Africa is having a job; a roof over your head; food on the table; your children taught  competently; feeling safe in the streets; and being able to trust those in power to serve the public interest. Most don’t.

President Jacob Zuma has four (is it five?) wives; numerous children in fancy schools or in fancy BEE directorships; a fancy R250-million-odd country palace (in addition to his wives’ city mansions); he has benefited from handsome bribes; has a fancy salary; a fancy jet liner; and is surrounded by fancy bodyguards and fancy sycophants.

Zuma is happy and moonshine journalism would have us all be happy for him. Ditto for everyone who is anyone in the ANC, Cosatu and the SA Communist Party. Which should make us all ecstatically happy. And should they be stripped of all those goodies, we will be sad, sad, sad.

Since we can’t allow that to happen, we’ll drag ourselves to the polls to vote for them again next year to keep them happy, happy, happy. So we can continue happily drunk on moonshine.

The Editor

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