JMCoetzee a disgrace, says UCTprof

JMCoetzee a disgrace, says UCTprof

Novelist and academic Imraan Coovadia has attacked the ‘religious awe’ that  surrounds the South African Nobel Prize winner, J M Coetzee. The focus of the controversy has been Coovadia’s barely-veiled accusations that Coetzee fled South Africa because he is afraid of blacks, that he isn’t always the great writer he’s invariably cracked up to be and that Coetzee’s admirers have turned worship of him into a “religion” that has effectively stultified literary criticism in South Africa.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Pete Swanepoel of MONTCLAIR on 2013-02-27 16:08:25
Imraan, Imraan, wherefore art thou, Imraan?
Submitted by : Myron Robinson of East London on 2013-02-27 10:42:53
I read this Article yesterday & decided not to comment as I do not know enough about either of the Parties. However an incident arose this morning which prompted me to comment on the above article.

I am a member of a NPO. We have for the Past 17 years inter alia held a golf day to raise funds for Charity, the beneficiaries of which are 90% PDI. In response to a written request for another sponsorship (from a sponsor of several years) I was requested to advise our BBBEE staus.

I did not know that we required BBBEE status to raise money for charities. All the members of our organisation serve in an Honorary Capacity & receive no remuneration whatsoever. (Not even a subsistence allowance when out of town) It costs me several thousand rand a year personally for the privilege of raising money for those less fortunate than us. (and I am not a person of substantial means nor income). I requested our proposed sponsor to convey this message to those idiots from Government who insist on BBBEE status for everything even when they are stealing us blind.

The reason that I am writing this preamble is to place in context the above Author’s views on JM Coetzee which on re-reading & reflection are that Whites have no right to decide their own future, no right to criticize must accept reverse discrimination & must shoulder all the blame for Apartheid irrespective of their political affiliation during those years. Apartheid was wrong so is any other form of discrimination. This country will never revive either socially or financially until such time that Government accept that this is a country for all its citizens who have equal rights. That the families of Patrick Matsepe, Cyril Ramaphosa, Tokyo Sexwale etc should STILL be the beneficiaries of BEE boggles the mind.
Submitted by : G S Webster of Queenstown on 2013-02-22 02:12:28
I assume Mr Coovadia, being a "successful author" (I readily admit to never having heard of him) is familiar with the term "sour grapes"? This theme punctuates the entire article.

As a recent emigrant to Australia, I would dearly love to know why Mr. Coovadia feels Mr. Coetzee owes him, or anyone for that matter any explanation, let alone an "acceptable" one for his decision to leave South Africa?

I don't know J. M. Coetzee from a bar of soap, but I would be very surprised if he is losing any sleep over this...


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