Pension surplus payouts: Tony Mostert calls for an apology – and gets it

Pension surplus payouts: Tony Mostert calls for an apology – and gets it

If you’ve read this story before, read it again. Some significant changes have been made since you last read it

Shortly after publication, Tony Mostert of Attorneys A L Mostert & Co communicated with Noseweek in order to address a number of allegations in the earlier version of this story that, he has pointed out, were false and defamatory, with the most serious prejudicial consequences to his and his firm’s reputation. Noseweek regrets having published the incorrect allegations relating to Tony Mostert and they are unconditionally withdrawn. Any negative innuendo with regard to Mostert is similarly withdrawn.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Richard Bennett of McGregor on 2013-02-09 17:54:13
Excellent follow-up article, the faith of your many readers and followers must surely be restored, I know mine is. Now do an expose of what a low-down skunk the pension surplus thief Simon Nash (CEO of Cadac) is, including how he has tried to malign through concerted PR-type campaigns the very people looking for justice and recovery of the pension assets he nicked. Not least, not being content with pinching multiple pension surpluses in the 1990s, more recently Nash stole over R10m from the Cadac Pension Fund (he was a "company trustee", what a joke!) to finance his legal defense in the Commercial Crime Court. His criminal trial continues this month and hopefully he will be meeting Sipho and the gang in the showers before long!! Richard B


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