On a mission – to tell the story SABC won't tell

On a mission – to tell the story SABC won't tell

Respected journalist and film-maker Sylvia Vollenhoven refuses to be intimidated by the panderings of the SABC to its ANC masters. She is determined that the South African public will see her gripping and incriminating documentary, Project Spear – after it was canned by the lily-livered broadcaster.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Elaine Edwards on 2013-02-01 16:42:27
Thank you Sylvia
This work and also Noseweek are truly appreciated
I am sure RTV.com will also show this film
They have so much GOOD stuff
I love hearing the truth
It will win in the end
Keep it up
Submitted by : Marc Roos of Kempton Park on 2013-01-29 10:47:23
Who will have access to the money if it is ever recovered and what will be done with it?! Will anyone be prosecuted? Was this a deal struck at CODESA?! Tit-for-tat a bit of this for that. Let us have some news on the Public investment corporation please.
Submitted by : of Kempton Park on 2013-01-28 13:13:33
Thanks for the comments it is hugely encouraging. If anyone wants to contact me you can do so on sylvia.vollenhoven@me.com and I will get back to you...
Submitted by : Kevin Kevany of Auckland on 2013-01-28 06:00:01
So the Black Nationalists, still employing some of the old guard (should that be Rapportryers?) are just following the playbook of the White Nationalists at the forever-SAUK.
Strolling down memory lane...1975-8, when I finally tossed it in....I had a bunch of programmes still up on a shelf in the celebrated Doktor Schutte's eerie aerie, just below Piet Meyer's office, which that pedigreed Brit documentary-maker, Trevor Philpott of 'The Philpott File', swore to me was an exact replica of Hitler's lair.
And after all those years, the roll of honour you list at the end of Sylvia's frustration reads so like mine nearly 40 years later. The SAUK DNA never changes.
A programme on the infamous telephone service of the time. Others difficult to contextualise decades later. Interviews with the likes of Sir Laurens van der Post (particularly disliked), Prof Dick van der Ross and Alan Paton edited into oblivion, and to parallel the Zapiro 'listing', a documentary on Joel Mervis of Sunday Times legend. [Syliva, they wouldn't let outsiders buy the Mervis one either, I'm afraid.]
The subtle stuff often got through. A command from on high to feature a wealthy party donor who was making a packet from pretending to assemble TV sets in the yet to be established 'homeland' of Atlantis, I ended with elongated credits and played Donovan singing: 'All hail Atlantis', missed by the thought-police of the time simply as a rather dated 'hit'!
Hopefully you have a better than rough assembly to take with you. And good luck. No one's ever won a major in the SAUK, as far as I know.
Follow the trail of 'Searching for the Sugarman', 'cos anything which hits that infamous shelf is there for eternity.

Kevin K
Submitted by : Pete Swanepoel of MONTCLAIR on 2013-01-25 17:02:19
Hau! So there IS 'honour amongst thieves'? The Boere can keep their billions if they let us steal OUR billions, maybe?
Why don't we track down the kids of PW, Vorster, Schoeman, Pik, SADF generals, other politicians, et al? Where are they living now?
Submitted by : J R Thompson on 2013-01-25 16:16:55
I wish to see this and promote its flighting on many platforms. Please forward her contact details.
Submitted by : Mike Turner of RANDBURG on 2013-01-25 12:51:42
Why not release it overseas, to, say, BBC TV, CNN, etc? This way you get maximum government embarrassment............
Submitted by : Donn Edwards of ALDARA PARK on 2013-01-24 21:36:18
I would happily pay to see a "private showing" in Joburg. And, of course, there are other distribution channels, like AlJazeera or YouTube or BitTorrent ...

The SABC is worse now than it was under Apartheid.


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