UPDATE: When the pressure's on SA can do it!

In August Noseweek revealed that tests commissioned by the National Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) had indicated that most South African-manufactured and several imported sunscreen products were “not optimal” in providing protection from the sun’s UVA rays – known to cause melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

CANSA has had these results since late last year, but the Pretoria laboratory that did the tests insisted its report be kept confidential.

At that stage it was estimated that importers and local manufacturers could take up to 18 months to bring products on to the South African market that meet the higher protection standards required.

But when the issue became public, thanks to Noseweek, South African retailers put on the pressure and now, only four months later, in time for the summer holiday season, a good number of producers have satisfied CANSA that their products meet the new “Colipa” standard and offer the required level of protection from both UVA and UVB rays of the sun, for the periods of exposure specified on the packaging.

Pick n Pay enthusiastically steamed ahead and procured an Australian product that provides an even higher level of protection than specified for the Colipa test. We are proud that they have chosen Noseweek to advertise this product in celebration of our joint achievement.

Our congratulations also to all the other retailers and manufacturers who have made the grade. They are all listed here.

Ambre Solaire: full range of sunscreen sprays, lotions and creams for body and face; BioEarth:  sunscreen lotions, in 150ml and 100ml containers and in sachets; Eucerin: Sun Face Fluid and lotion; Everysun: full Aquasport, Anti-ageing and Kids’ ranges, & SPF30 lip balm; IQ: Daily Defence and Facial Stick; Island Tribe: Invisible Spray; Kool-A-Sun: SPF40 Sunscreen Lotion; Lipsano: Lip Cure, SPF30; Nivea: full range of Moisturising sprays and lotions, Children’s Lotion, Anti-Ageing face cream, Kids Swim&Play Sun Lotion, Light Feeling Lotions and Family Trigger Spray; OnGuard: Lotion; Pure & Protect: full range of Creamy Aqueous Lotions, Sprays, and Kids Lotion; Reitzer Pure Sun: Sun Protection cream & Lip Balm; Safe Sun Project: Sunscreen Spray; SkinKids Lotion; Spar Sola: Lotions, Clear Sprays & Kids Spray; Mr Price Sundoctor: Spray, Sundrops, Sunscreen Lotion, 8ml sachet; Clicks Sun Protect: Spray, Invisible Spray & Scalp Spray; Sunskweez: Sunscreen Lotion, 5ml sachet; Pick n Pay Sun Sure: Spray; Sun Therapy: Cream-Spray or Lotion; Techniblok: Aerosol Spray, Lotion; Tropitone: extensive range of sunscreen products, from Milk Spray to Act-sport Gel to Dry Oil Tan Enhancer; Vichy: the full Capital Soleil range.

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Submitted by : Pete Swanepoel of MONTCLAIR on 2012-12-01 10:07:43
Everyday, common, routine corporate lies are told and meant to be meekly swallowed! "We can't do it in less than 18 months" actually means "We don't WANT TO do it". Well done for lighting fires under their feet! Now we need to check that the 'new improved product' doesn't have cancer-CAUSING agents in it! (be aware, they WILL sell you anything!).


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