Discovery targets Bobroff

Discovery targets Bobroff

Discovery Health launches unprecedented private court application to have veteran attorney, Ronald Bobroff, struck off the roll for alleged excessive fees. The charges are supported by the findings of a forensic examination of two awards made by the Road Accident Fund to accident victims represented by his firm.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : MT SMITH of GALLO MANOR on 2012-10-31 22:10:18
Discovery is ripping off its members - fees are too high and service is low
Submitted by : Graham Anderson of Pinetown on 2012-10-24 14:14:45
Sadly it is the less fortunate who suffer at the hands of the likes of firm Bobroff. Our domestic was involved in a taxi accident and we were advised to contact Bobroff on her behalf to institute a RAF claim. This was in 2002 and the matter is still unsettled with the Law Society of the Northern Priovinces now apparently trying to get information from an employee of Bobroff who he says was negligent in his approach to the matter. No matter, our dear domestic, who is unable to work reguilarly asd a result of the accident, receives no compensation for her injuries. I have no time for the Bobroff father and son!! Graham Anderson
Submitted by : Tony Beamish of PARISOT on 2012-10-23 14:14:50
Thanks heavens Discovery Health is doing something about Bobroff instead of waiting for the limp-wristed law society. A private striking-off application is not without precedent.

I am sure that Discovery Health’s 2.4m members will feel good about bankrolling the litigation. Traditionally, the offending practitioner is ordered by the court to pay the applicant's costs on an attorney-and-client scale. Hopefully Discovery Health will get their money back. If not, they can perhaps book it to corporate social investment.


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