Going places

Following your report on SA Roadlink boss Allan Reddy (nose155), for the record, the Pearl Hotel group is owned by SA Roadlink/Allan Reddy and is named after his beloved wife.

They have bought the old Oudtshoorn Inn, Wilderness Beach Hotel (both ex-Holiday Inns) and there is a new place in Hout Bay. He must be doing really well in the bus business.

Janice Cocks
Cape Town

Bredell at it again

Having read your reports on the outrageous predator “control” cull being sanctioned by CapeNature and the provincial government (noses115,137,153,154 and 155): I now regret my acceptance of WWF’s withdrawal from the debate; it savours of déjà vu.

Many, many years ago I was contacted by well- known conservationist Clive Walker who asked me to motivate the SA Nature Foundation to intervene in the wholesale slaughter of wildlife in Namibia by the SA Defence Force and senior SA apartheid government officials.

My efforts hit a brick wall. Even my appeal to Charles de Haes at WWF, Geneva fell on deaf ears. [Had you read noses25 and27 you might have understood why.Ed.]

WWF is quite aware of what happened at the time. Is Morné du Plessis, CEO of WWF, comfortable in knowing that Western Cape MEC Anton Bredell, who was part of that fraternity, is now “at it again”?
Bredell comes from a culture of exploitation of wildlife and obviously has no qualms about the unnecessary suffering of animals to be caused by indiscriminate hunting and trapping, or the critical state of bio-diversity – he has no respect for our fragile planet and should be removed from office.

Pat Werdmuller von Elgg
Hout Bay

■ What else can you expect when you have the DA in power in the province? DA = Death2Animals!!


See DA's conservation black hole (in this issue) for an update on the story.Ed.

Maddening mail

I’m mad about Noseweek and always thrilled to find it in my postbox. But…

For nearly a year now we’ve been seeing it in the shops days before it arrives in our postbox. I can’t bear the wait, so, for now, we won’t be renewing our subscription and will, instead, buy it in the shops. I do believe it’s the Post Office’s fault and has nothing to do with Mr Nose’s late nights. In fact I’m sure he’d throw a fit if he knew how slow the postal service has become.

René Hanekom
Van Riebeeck Park

Witspos, responsible for postal deliveries in the Gauteng area, has had a strike going, on and off, for the past year. Apparently both management and workers are so committed to their fight, they’ve long forgotten about the public service they’re supposed to perform – and the public that ultimately keeps them in business. It is maddening and the cause of many sleepless nights. It’s also the source of great joy to the men at Vodacom, MTN, Apple, Samsung and Microsoft.

We’ve been assured Witspos is now back up and running. If you’re a subscriber in Gauteng, please give us a call when this magazine arrives in your postbox.Ed.

More rats tales?

Could you please follow up on Wynne Jones (nose119, “The rats who ate our pension”). I retired from the Catholic Pension fund nine years ago and I have been told we were defrauded of millions by this man.

The person who first exposed him is now deceased. About two years ago I was told that there was a five-year case pending against this man.

Karen Loseby


You are mistaken. Although the S A Catholic Schools Pension Fund to which you belong was at one time administered by Aubrey Wynne Jones, it was, from inception, a “defined contribution” scheme and could not, therefore, have had a surplus which might have been “stolen”. It is also not amongst the funds that are alleged to have been stripped of surpluses.

Peter Ross, principal of CBC Pretoria and a current trustee of the pension fund confirms the fund never had a surplus and that Mrs Loseby receives the full pension to which she is, by right, entitled.

The person who in 1999 first uncovered the surreptitious stripping of pension fund "surplusses" was Mrs Frances Doyle. She had nothing whatsoever to do with the S A Catholic Schools Pension Fund but was on the totally unrelated Cortech Pension Fund – see nose119. It took another six years before the registrar of pensions took any action to stop the strip. Wynne Jones is amongst those who was arrested in 2006 on charges related to the alleged misappropriation of "surpluses"  from various pension funds. Since then, the regulators and prosecutors involved in the cases have been as surrounded by controversy and scandal as have the accused. 


Mrs Doyle had still not recovered her money when she died in 2009. And Wynne Jones's trial is only set to commence in the South Gauteng high court on 22 July 2013. From the begining he has denied culpability on all charges.  - Ed.

Just a memory


Thanks for publishing Rita Miljo’s obit (nose155). I am still trying to comprehend her death. The fire was so bad that they have been unable to determine the cause. They call it a white fire. She lived upstairs and seldom came downstairs anymore. The problem is that there was no way out except for a rather steep staircase that went into her lounge.

There was very little left of Rita and Bobby and they were buried together on the plot, next to her daughter’s grave.

Rita had always said that she wanted to be buried in an old apple box, and that Bobby should be buried in an old apple box as well. So that is what happened – with a bottle of beer at one end for Bobby. He always had a beer in the evening! 

All Rita’s photos, records etc were destroyed. It’s terrible that every vestige of such a giant of a person’s life could be wiped out in a flash like that. Except her work – the most important part.

Beatrice Wiltshire
Somerset West

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Submitted by : Richard Bennett of McGregor on 2012-10-18 22:23:34
Good day, I am a longstanding avid reader of the rot revealed by The Nose. You have a small section devoted to people who like Noseweek, Dont you think it would be far more interesting to invite comments from people who do not like Noseweek? Regards Richard Bennett 0823789262


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