Madam hasn't mastered it

Madam hasn't mastered it

High Court Master at the centre of a liquidation scandal.

The liquidation of Asch Professional Services (noses152 and 154) can best be described as financial vandalism, perpetrated by rapacious – if not criminally minded – liquidators.

That much is fairly obvious. Perhaps less obvious but no less disturbing is the discovery that it is the “rot at the top” in the offices of the Master of the High Court in Cape Town that has made it possible.

In Noseweek’s view, the failure of the Master, (Mrs) Zureena Agulhas, to take effective action by now, amounts to complicity.

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Asch Professional Services
Master of the high court
Zureena Agulhas
Mohamed Patel
Christina Vermaak
liquidators fees
Legal Fees
political interference
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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Tony Beamish of PARISOT on 2012-09-03 13:54:24
Judges Wilfred Thring & James Yekiso:

"[Mrs Agulhas] is an important functionary of this Court. The performance of a multitude of onerous tasks in various areas of the administration of justice falls to her, including the administration of the estates of deceased persons, the liquidation of companies and close corporations and the sequestration of insolvent estates. She is expected to carry out these duties properly, competently, efficiently, responsibly and with the necessary diligence. Above all, it is her duty to comply promptly and to the letter with any order which this Court may see fit to make, whether she likes it or not. Her conduct and the attitude which she has adopted and displayed in this matter are disappointing, to say the very least, and are completely unacceptable."
Submitted by : Granville Louw on 2012-08-29 10:28:20
Is it possible to publish pictures of these people (Christopher Peter van Zyl, Natasha Amanda Sansom, Rene-Lynne Barry-Kleinhans and Zureena Agulhas). As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words and it would only suffice for thousands of people to see these individuals.


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