Riddle of the sands

Riddle of the sands

A few weeks ago Nick Trew and Ben Simons called to alert Noseweek to intrigue and skulduggery surrounding valuable titanium and zircon deposits in Mozambique. They told how a Mozambique general – a decorated war hero and president of the South Africa-Mozambique Friendship Association – has set up a company with the same name as theirs and hijacked their mining licences, potentially worth many billions. He had, until recently, been Pathfinder’s local business partner.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Damien Mccrystal on 2012-04-03 09:10:48
As someone who is extremely familiar with the affair, may I say that this is the most comprehensive explanation so far of what has happened at Pathfinder Minerals. Until this article, the vast majority of media coverage had reflected the the board's position, despite the fact that it has become increasingly untenable. It is refreshing that Noseweek did not buckle under the heavy-handed PR assault.
Submitted by : on 2012-03-28 09:18:38
This short text is complete rubbish. In fact, who is trying to hijack those licences are Nick Threw and his 3 amigos.

The licence belonged to the mentioned general before Pathfinder Minerals existed. I strongly suggest that you check the information you print.

Editor's Note
Paulo, Paulo, Paulo... you clearly haven't read the entire report. Basing your comments on the first paragraph of the report just goes to show how limited your understanding is. We have decided to leave it as is to make you the joke among your peers.


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