UPDATE:Endless summer

Prior to publication of nose146 and the story "Holidays nobody wants", Noseweek wrote to Travel Quest/Leisure Travel International manager Charmaine Oglesby, for comment.

Oglesby said the Wilkinses – a couple in their sixties who wanted to cancel a 40-year contract they’d signed – “were well aware of the term of the membership when they signed… They could have opted for a five-year or 10-year membership”.

She said the the Wilkinses had the choice of suspending their membership until they were in a position “to pay the relevant year’s renewal fee and the membership would be reinstated”.

“Obviously the intervening years, where the fee had not been paid, would be lost and deducted from the total term of their membership.”

“Well,” said Blake Wilkins in response, “we would have jumped at a five-year contract if it had been offered. We were only offered a 30-year contract, which they said they would extend to 40 years as a special bonus.

“We were never ever told we could suspend the contract and not have to pay the annual fee.

Noseweek has our correspondence with these people which shows beyond doubt they refused outright all our efforts to cancel the contract,” said Blake Wilkins.

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