UPDATE:Athletics SA's winning woman

Great news: things have worked out wonderfully for one of the women at Athletics SA whose life was turned upside down by the Caster Semenya controversy (nose144). No, unfortunately it’s not Lara Lane, the ultra-committed sports administrator who suffered “collateral damage”. It’s a former ASA employee by the name of Humile Bogatsu.

Bogatsu was one of those who was suspended when the Semenya story broke, although she did manage to avoid facing disciplinary proceedings.

Finger-licking good: Leonard Chuene

As recounted in Noseweek’s earlier story, Bogatsu was a very special friend of ASA President Leonard Chuene – so much so that she received a R10 000 loan from the ASA that she has not repaid. Bogatsu also received generous per diem payments for attending athletics meetings at a time when the ASA’s financial situation was dire, and on one occasion she received a payment of US$20 000 that she was meant to hand over to ASA CEO Banele Sindani so he could bribe IAAF members to support Chuene’s re-election (Sindani denied ever having received the money).

Chuene was, in fact, so keen to keep his affair with Bogatsu secret that he used R90 000 of ASA funds to buy the silence of an ASA employee who threatened to tell the world about it.

On 13 November 2011 TimesLive used this coy little line to describe the nature of the relationship between Chuene and Bogatsu: “Bogatsu previously worked as the personal assistant of ASA boss Leonard Chuene and was once spotted licking his fingers at a party.”

And why was TimesLive writing about Bogatsu?

Well she was recently married in one of those society-type dos at an upmarket venue in Pretoria before 450 of the couple’s closest friends, including Julius “Remember Me?” Malema, Fikile “Condom Buster” Mbalula, Tokyo “I just wanna be Prez” Sexwale and Marius “I’m a nobody, that’s why you’ve never heard of me” Fransman, Deputy Minister of International Relations.

And who’s the lucky man?

Well his name’s Songezo Mjongile, something of an ANC bigwig as secretary of the ANC in the Western Cape, which recently discovered to its horror that if you rent a venue you need to pay for it. (The Cape Town International Conference Centre is demanding R1.7 million in payment for a recent provincial conference).

Mjongile was also once the ANCYL president, as well as the chief executive of the ANCYL’s investment company, Lembede Investments – so he was thick with that paragon of financial rectitude, Brett Kebble (the Kebble estate, in fact, ended up claiming some R800 000 from Mjongile).

Clearly a match made in heaven!

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