House of ill will

House of ill will

So common are building disputes that they rarely make news, even when they end up in the courts. But if the builder tries to stop his disgruntled ex-client from telling people about their bad experience, or from posting photos on Facebook, then it's a Noseweek story. House of ill will

Brickbats are flying in a pricey building dust-up and both sides say they won, so it's probably a draw.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Donn Edwards of ALDARA PARK on 2011-10-15 22:30:34
The video is at
Submitted by : Donn Edwards of ALDARA PARK on 2011-09-28 15:56:38
Barney promised to finish the job in 6 weeks. Instead he stuffed up the job and took 6 months to do it. Then he spent twice as much money in lawyers fees and sued his own client!? I'm really glad he's not going to do any building for me anytime soon.

Before this story was published I asked him for a quote. Even though he is a member for the Master Builders Association he didn't use their recommended contract terms and conditions, which the MBA advises all clients to use.

It is a sad day for social media that Hunter's video and Facebook posts have been taken down because of the bullying tactics of the builder. He also defamed Hunter in emails to me, even though I have never met Hunter. He's got a damn nerve taking Hunter to court for defamation when he does the same himself.


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