The amazing voucher ripoff

The amazing voucher ripoff

How to profit from the poor and vulnerable.

Many moons ago, Jaco (Jakes) den Haan earned a living toiling away for Standard Bank as a director of wealth creation. So promising was he, one presumes, that in 1990 the bank paid for his MBA studies at UCT’s Graduate School of Business. But considering what he’s been involved in of late, ­– ripping off unsuspecting members of the public through a fraudulent scheme – it’s no surprise that the bank felt it best for him to move on.

The list of companies whose names have been used to market the scam is available here.

July 2009 Government Gazette

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Tracey Mckay of Freeway Park on 2011-09-10 16:41:49
Why do the companies whose names are being used in this scam, such as the Adventure Boot camp for women, not take legal proceedings? After all it must be negatively affecting their brand.
Furthermore, surely the bank doing all the debiting is known to the poor souls who are now victims of the scam - can the media not exert some pressure on said bank?

Editor's Note
Because somehow they have been convinced that it's good publicity. And with thousands of victims regularly going to the Amazing Vouchers website, why not? They are party to the scam.


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