Smoking Guns

Smoking Guns

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Alan Carlston on 2011-07-11 23:58:20
It seems that the cigarette companies have brought to the public something that dismissing in our society- awAreness. People notice the advert (audibly / visually) and look for the oke with the gun! May have saved some usually unaware person at a robot! Sokers do not have the right to incie or cause non- smokers to inhale smoke. Period! but equally non smokers to not have the right to decide how cigarettes are packaged. Imagine if every magazine - including NOSEWEEK- was obliged to have a non-specific cover in olive green, with your article in small print on the cover, with a repeated photo in every issue of a myopic person trying to read? Where's the free marketing? Where's the zing that sells the magazine? NOSE wouldn't accept that - neither would any other magazine. You'd all look the same, so why should the cigarette company accept their yolk as decided by " the powers". By defining how cigarette packets look, you may be embarking on an early mndate that affects Playboy, Newsweekly, NOSEWEEK took Thr Powers 20 years to get their mandate on " ubiquitous cigarette packaging" to get it right. Quo vadis? Where's Camels freedom? Will you as a magazine have as little freedom in 20 years?

Editor's Note
We have decided to leave your comment unedited for obvious reasons. But you have totally missed the point. The tobacco companies have, through these ads, found means of circumventing the legislation prohibiting the tobacco products' advertisements.


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