Who stitched up J Arthur Brown?

Who stitched up J Arthur Brown?

Four years after he was arrested for the first time on 192 criminal charges, Arthur Brown, the controversial and much-maligned founder of the Fidentia group, has applied to the high court to order the “immediate and permanent” stay of his prosecution on all criminal charges pending against him.

After all the years of media hype and courtroom drama, there are, as it happens, finally only six main charges left standing against him.

Whether his application for a stay of prosecution is successful or not, the case will see all his main accusers having to answer to the public on charges as serious as any Arthur Brown has faced.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Colleen Anderson of GREEN POINT CAPE TOWN on 2016-03-28 12:36:18
Strangely, your article has omitted to mention that the Fidentia accountant (surname of Maddock??), was found guilty of fraud and served a prison sentence.
Surely, his close involvement with J.Arthur Brown and the company played a significant part in the disappearance of this vast amount of money??
Personally, I believe that he was the frontman and fall-guy for Brown and knows exactly where the money has gone!
Also, how is Brown funding all these legal costs, which must be running into may millions of Rands??

Brown's estranged (ex?) wife made a very convenient escape to Australia....presumably with a hefty stash of money.....how was this possible and whose money did she use....and what is her current standard of living in Australia?....I am pretty sure she is not battling financially!!

There are just 3 aspects of this disgraceful theft of poor people's money which I believe need to be closely investigated, and which would then hopefully reveal the truth.
C Anderson
Cape Town

Editor's Note
The story is unfortunately much, much more complicated than you suggest. Maddock testified at Brown's trial as a state witness – and confirmed most of what Brown alleged in his defence. Brown lived in absolute poverty's in the years prior to his imprisonment and his defence was run on a shoestring, largely funded by his stepfather using his pension reserves (he is a retired university professor). The ex Mrs Brown has worked for a living throughout her time in Australia. To tell the true story will take a book. It certainly deserves telling.
Submitted by : Don Pearce of Noordhoek on 2011-04-03 12:44:15
Based on this article it looks very much like the endemic, world wide, virus called 'Lack of Ethics' has infected a much broader segment of our society than I was aware of [yes I am still somewhat naive] and certainly doesnt give one a warm feeling about our Main Stream Media's obiectivity. I sincerely hope that THE TRUTH manages to get its head above the murky waters of our SA journalism. It may actually cause editors and sub-editors to do their job properly.
I do hope that in your follow up/s you mention your Shades-of-brown [issue 89]

Editor's Note
We don't need to remind readers of what we had published then, but the culpability of respective media houses should not exclude any individual journalist (media house), had we done our respective works properly and earlier, J Arthur Brown, Fidentia and all their clients would not have lost the much that they have lost under curatorship. But we shall do our best to tell our readers as much as we can without fearing that nasty rotten egg's smell on our faces.
Submitted by : . Blue Mango Lodge of Bredell on 2011-04-02 20:29:27
I must say that this is quite an eye opener.

In my book Brown was the lowest form of swine; but then my view was based on the Mail & Guardian stories and the hysteria on the nightly news channels.

If what you say proves to be true; what is the recourse?
Can Brown sue someone for loss of his business empire and massive slander and if so would he have the funds to embark on such a protracted court case?

Editor's Note
Only time would tell... there could be several settlements on the cards, but how much (in monetary terms) can earn one his dignity back?
Submitted by : Julian Fine of Centurion on 2011-04-01 13:53:43
Eishh what about the Company in Centurion he purchased for 40 odd million that was worth less then 5 million. Infinity Rewards ????

Editor's Note
It depends on whose valuation... continue reading noseweek for further revelations, if the 5million is based on the curator's flogging amounts then don't miss the next Noseweek?


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