Be rude, and die!

Be rude, and die!

Next time you have to call an ambulance, watch your mouth!  With luck you’ll never need to call the Metro Emergency Medical Services of the Cape Winelands for an ambulance. If you do, be sure to grovel to the poorly trained and extremely thin-skinned phone operators or you may get appalling treatment.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Allison Joubert of Jeffreys Bay on 2011-03-10 19:02:44
If a person is stressed because they think their loved one is dying, the natural reaction to someone who is illiterate is frustration, which the illiterate person would assume to be rudeness!!!! How dare people in the position of answering emergency calls act so uncaring? That's South Africa for you!

Editor's Note
Yeah SA for all of us...
Submitted by : Stuart Edwards of Overport on 2011-02-25 21:04:05
Reminds me of the trip some friends & I did last year. Just past Ballito, heading north, we encountered a very drunk lady veering across 4 lanes. At one time she stopped and we stopped to ask if she was OK, only to find that she was so plastered that she could barely form a sentence. Unfortunately, she drove aggressively off before we could stop her. Following behind her was incredibly scary - we waited with baited breath for oncoming traffic & the carnage that would result. I was on the phone the entire time, trying 10111, Vodacom name it! 10111 never answered & I got a run around with the rest. We stopped at the emergency phone only to find that it was broken (after listening to its recorded voice 3 times, hoping for some life). About half an hour into this constant phoning, 10111 answered the call. As I was describing the make & colour of the car, the number plate, the exact location, the operator put the phone down. I could not get her to answer it again. The drunk driver took the Richard's Bay turnoff & that was that - we can only hope that no-one was in her way that day. Gaye Pieterse
Submitted by : Kerry Archer of PINELANDS on 2011-02-24 18:01:57
Third world countries provide third world service............and we must adapt or die.

Editor's Note
Very... very... very little to do with our position in the world's classification. Mr. Nose's other friend called 10111 after a mugging and the cops were there by the time the phone was placed down.


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