UPDATES:Hot cover

UPDATES:Hot cover

Graydon Ilderton’s story gets weirder and weirder. He’s the guy who lost two motorbikes, worth some R210,000, when he sent them to the Cape from Gauteng with Time Freight, and the truck caught fire at Three Sisters.

Time Freight was paid out and Phil Hayes offered Ilderton R75,000 on condition that he pay R25,000 of that over to a social responsibility programme.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : CL RUST of KEMPTON PARK on 2010-10-28 17:24:12
You're wrong Hayes.
Through your pompousness you have now lost two customers!

Submitted by : Rod Joubert of MUSGRAVE ROAD on 2010-10-28 13:07:36
So they claim, they get paid, then they decide that they can't bring themselves to accept the Insurers money - because it's "wrong". So they refund the shocked Insurers & later pay 75k of their own money cos that's the right thing to do to hang on a customer????

Do you really believe they repaid the 200k? Why did they claim for it in the first place & accept the tender of settlement from the Insurers, if their intention was to hand it back? Why did they not share their sentiments with Ilderton and offer him 75k (of the Insurers money) back then, (while he was making a big noise) before making this magnanimous gesture? After all, he was an "established customer".
From a business perspective, who is more more important? An established client - who is very disgruntled...or an Insurance Co who has already paid a legitimate claim in terms of their policy & is not expecting money back?

Who was the lucky Insurer? Can they confirm that Time Freight repaid them?

As an insurance broker who is involved in claims settlements on a daily basis, I have to confess this is a first for me.... Never too old to learn I guess? Does this mean I have to re examine the Easter bunny and Santa Claus? Was that a pig that just flew past my window?


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