Sol survivor

Sol survivor

Arise Sir Solomon! When it was announced earlier this year that Sol Kerzner would be knighted, along with 25 other Bahamaians – an honour no doubt bestowed because Kerzner’s hotel group is the largest private employer in the Bahamas – Maggie van Rensburg decided that too much was too much: it was time to go public with her story.

The widow says Sun King Kerzner stitched up her husband and destroyed the lives of her family. Chris van Rensburg shut himself away in a room for four months and Maggie became the breadwinner, running a shebeen in an East London township.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Pete Swanepoel of MONTCLAIR on 2010-10-09 13:28:59
I'd love to know how many "Sirs" are thugs as opposed to gentlemen. I'd say a ridiculously high percentage of people are honoured (knighted, whatever) for cash reasons rather than chivalrous reasons.

Editor's Note
Remember the cash for honour of the Tony Blair era? Or the Honour by our respective presidents to FIFA boss whom we had called some 'not-so-good' stuffs in our pages? Next time you meet a 'Sir', 'Lord' or 'Lady' look at them again from head to toe and you could just pick something.
Submitted by : Donovan Jackson of Weltevreden Park on 2010-09-30 07:07:50
Ag shame. Sounds a bit too much like dancing with the devil and backing the wrong horses. Corruption of a bygone age.


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