Dear Editor: Iscor bargain

Iscor bargain
Thank you for exposing the bribery that ArcelorMittal is pepared to resort to. Thank you also for exposing some of the ill deeds that occurred at the Reserve Bank. I cannot understand how Mr Mittal was able to buy Iscor when the rand exchange rate had weakened to R19 to £1 for just the few days when the sale took place – and almost immediately thereafter strengthened to R14 to £1.

That way Mr Mittal was able to buy Iscor, with all its coal and iron ore perks, at a 36% discount on the exchange rate. What a bargain.

Reuben Brenkel,

The Great Vodadrop
I read with great interest Dr Richard Doyle’s letter regarding dropped calls on Vodacom’s service (Letters, nose131). I have also complained to them many times in this regard, and received the same response.

Clearly they are aware of the problem but choose not to do anything about it because it’s so very lucrative. I have four Vodacom phones in my company and we all experience dropped calls. Most people we speak to have the same complaint. I believe that Vodacom should actually refund all their subscribers at least 25% of their phone bills for the past year.

Recently, someone involved with sporting events sponsored by Vodacom told me that a senior member from Vodacom had told him that if they needed an extra million or two for a sponsorship it was quite simple: just switch off the computer which controls their network for a few seconds, and the resetting of dropped calls would more than pay for the sponsorship. Makes sense.

Henry Tiedemann

Evergreen promises
Amdec top brass attending the Evergreen Muizenberg AGM last month went out of their way to pacify residents dissatisfied with Amdec non-delivery. They have promised to work with the new committee to finally provide the facilities promised long ago, and to commence building the second phase (i.e. the apartment block) this year, to complete this flagship of the Evergreen brand.

Your exposé (nose131) certainly helped to get things going. Thank you.

Evergreen resident
Seeing is believing.Ed.

Ad was offensive
The advert on the back cover of nose131, featuring a bound, faceless female figure in a compromising position, is disturbing. I appreciate we all have lapses in good judgment;  this is certainly one by your advertising department. I must place on record that I found the advert offensive.

Apart from that – keep up the excellent work.

Sue Wingrove

At it like Rabie
There have been further developments at Manhattan (nose131), where the Rabie Property Group unlawfully appropriated the 14th floor – supposed to be common property, for the use of all apartment owners – for their hotel’s breakfast room. After a court judgment against them, Rabie has now had to spend a substantial sum on furnishing a new breakfast room (called a “bistro”) on the ground floor to serve their hotel.

But, once again, they have taken over a large area of common property for the use of their bistro as a garden area. Even if the owners agree – and they haven’t – then the bistro must still pay a rent at going market prices. The trustees (Rabie people) have no power to allow their bistro to use common property for their own profit. Cheating seems to be in their nature.

Owners’ Assoc, Century City

Transnet pension nosedive
In December 2006 (nose86) you revealed how Transnet had upped its profits by robbing its own pensioners, and in January 2007 (nose87) you revealed just how their crooked actuary and hireling trustees had cooked the figures to achieve that criminal purpose.

To bring you up to date: the total value of my pension, including the two “ad hoc” bonuses received over the past twelve months is less than half the value of the pension I received in the first twelve months after I went on pension in 1996, as a member of the Transnet Second Defined Benefit Fund.

SA van der Spuy
Observatory, Cape Town.

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