Offshore with sharks

Offshore with sharks

Thinking of opening one of those clever overseas trust thingies that the bank says is so useful? Well, before you do, look at how Nedbank does it - and then think again.

Various companies in the Nedbank group have brazenly conspired to commit fraud in order to secure the liquidation of a client who might otherwise have sued them for several millions of rands. And helping them in their unseemly task was none  other than Mr Leonard Katz, better known as  "Lenny the Liquidator".

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Ian Brakspear
Lennie The Liquidator
Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs
Fairbairn Trust
Nico Botha
Insolvency Law
Liquidation Of Company
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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Allison Joubert of Jeffreys Bay on 2010-06-03 21:40:38
woooow......why are there so many crooks in the world??!!

Editor's Note
Could be because the world is overpopulated


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