The suspect IT tender mystery is unresolved

The suspect IT tender mystery is unresolved

An investigation by the Auditor-General has found evidence to support the insider information tender process. In his lily-livered report is the finding that “Some of the proposed solutions submitted by the successful bidder [Valor IT] compared almost exactly to the wording of the [supposedly secret] business case of Cipro”.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Archer Wilson of Howick on 2010-04-10 14:08:10
Is it any wonder that SAICA have issued a press release stating the difficulties that accountants are having in getting any service out of CIPRO? The place seems to be an absolute shambles and this after spending enormous sums on IT. We are not becoming a banana republic,we already are one.

Archer Wilson
Submitted by : Corrie Cloete on 2010-03-25 17:59:07
The Office of the A-G whitewashed the Arms Investigation. Did you really expect another approach on this lot. CIPRO's website is a total shambles and the general public is going to suffer because of it, not the ANC and its mates. We sometimes have to submit CC documentation by post. Our registered pieces get lost in that beautiful building with the only trace the Post Office confirmation that CIPRO staff indeed did collect our postage. I'm appalled to the extent that I believe more and more that it's time for another armed struggle.


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