iBursting with ill-health

iBursting with ill-health

Families claim local Wi-Fi mast is making them sick. The Craigavon refuseniks have reason to believe taht iBurst has erected up to 13 masts illegally.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Trevor Robertson of Sanlamhof on 2010-03-18 11:09:08
What these companies (including cellphone cy's) usually do is sue you if you want to protest, because there is “no evidence that the waves causes illnesses”. Of course there isn't: Who’s going to voluntarily have themselves radiated for the experiment? Any useful study will take 30 years or more. Will the denialists go live next to a power line?
Submitted by : Scott Cundill of Johannesburg on 2010-03-11 20:56:42
David, you are saying that if 3% of the population suffer these shocking symptoms in order that 97% can have better communication, that is acceptable!!!!!!

Are you out of your moronic, psychotic, pathetic little mind???? You stupid, ignorant halfwit.

If anyone knows David the-gene-pool-contaminator above, please put him out of his misery. If I ever meet you in person you in-breeding vegetable I'll make sure that the local residents have one less imbecile to have to worry about. No steroids required.
Submitted by : BEN SWART of QUELLERINA on 2010-02-26 14:48:07
Let us just hope when Ms. Dorny mobilise the locals she does not include residents from Fourways Memorial Park. One can't say how they will re-act if they suffer from electrohypersensitivity
Submitted by : David Claase of Johannesburg on 2010-02-25 15:35:07
I stay in Craigavon (within 3km of the mast) and am somewhat "bi-polar" about this - on the one hand the license application process by iBurst seems severly flawed, but surely the blame for that must be laid at the municipal/regulatory structures responsible for awarding licenses?

On the other hand, I have not had any negative experience of the mast, but as a resident of Craigavon I have been subject, by this Craigavon group, to incredibly emotional arguments about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation, based on either poor, or controversial science. The percentages mentioned for electrohypersensitivity indicate that 97% of the population will not be severly affected by this (unconfirmed) condition - that seems a fair deal to me when the pay-off is better and lower communication costs. If one assumes there are around 2000 to 3000 people in a 3km radius of the mast, for only 50 to be claiming some sort of reaction represents a small affected population.

Don't get me wrong - I understand at an individual level the angst this may cause, but, as a principle, I don't think 3% of the population should be allowed to dictate to the other 97%. (It's like letting the 9% of the general population who suffer from severe pollen allergies dictate that no flowers should be planted in their neighbourhood.)


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