Emirates flight 404 to hell

Emirates flight 404 to hell

When Capetonians Johan and Angelique Hafkamp planned a trip to Australia last April, with their two young children (aged 18 months and three), they chose to fly Emirates Airlines. They could hardly have imagined the nightmarish voyage that awaited them.

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Joe Wolfson of Echunga on 2010-01-31 04:08:46
Well how about this: My wife and two kids travelled back to RSA on SAA. SAA was late out of Perth and thus late into Johannesburg. My kids were due to fly to East London and my wife onto Cape Town. They would have been able to make the connecting flight and had asked the crew to assist. They were told that there would be assistance to cope with the delay at the airport. Customs had virtually no one and the queues were impossible however they got to the domestic terminal and were told that their seats had been given to others and yes the flight had not left but the fact that it was an SAA connection was not their problem. No there were no more flights to East London that day and the Saturday and Sunday flights were fully booked. So you can sleep at the airport and hope to get on on standby. No thank you can you charge us to rather fly to Cape Town and deduct the cost of the East London leg. - No pay the full fare to Cape Town. I have plenty of voyager miles yet from that day on I fly Qantas or will use Air Malaysia - I don't care about my miles SAA can keep on losing money. When we were delayed out of Johannesburg to Sydney on Qantas the Captain requested ground staff to assist and they assisted us through customs and then assisted by having pre-booked us on a much later flight to Adelaide. They then got us earlier flights and made sure we got to the terminal and virtually raced us to the check-in. Different attitude and more expensive but far cheaper in the long run. The JHB mess cost us around R6000 - once you have paid that you don't mind paying around R400 more for your flights the frequency of these problems are far greater than 1 in 10.

Editor's Note
Most times, cheap isn't always cheap.
Submitted by : Anthony Krijger of Westville on 2009-12-28 16:32:30
They are right, Air Malaysia, Singapore Airlines and Thai have to be the best around. I fly every few weeks and they have never disappointed me. Virgin. although owned 49% sucks when one is delayed. I was on a Virgin flight from London to Joburg that kept us waiting inside a hot stuffy pane with no a/c for 3 hours while they got spare parts. Once arriving 3 hours late in Joburg I missed my SAA connection to Durban and had to purchase a new ticket. Virgin were not interested in my problem, neither were they interested in some 200 of their other passengers who missed flights. One can understand this when delays are due to weather or inter alia, acts of God, but mechanical delays are THEIR problem, which they conveniently make OUR problem. So Virgin, you will now do without me or my company.
Submitted by : William Botha of Kraaifontein on 2009-12-25 13:51:15
Wasn't going to fly with them ever anyway, I am a bit wary of masks.....
Submitted by : S VAN NIEUWENHUIZEN of BENMORE on 2009-12-24 13:39:09


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