UPDATES: Bullying Samro loses court battle

UPDATES: Bullying Samro loses court battle

If you cherish free speech (if you don’t, you’ve probably chosen the wrong magazine), you will be pleased to hear that the North Gauteng High Court turned down the Samro application for a temporary gagging order on Graeme Gilfillan...

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Alan Egner of Gaborone on 2009-12-02 10:48:27
The whole business model of SAMRO stinks. Royalties are paid into their accounts by users of material (songs) and then SAMRO sits quietly on the money until such time as a claim is made by the rights holder or artist. SAMRO do not pay interest to the artists far as I know, so they get to pocket that. They are run like a 1970's Eastern bloc bureaucracy without the efficiency or service ethic.

I don't know why the artists don't insist on reforms that would oblige SAMRO to distribute royalties on a monthly basis, without requiring the artists to jump through their obstructionist hoops. SAMRO also pockets a hefty sum for it's administration, without adding any value whatsoever. In fact their mandate seems to be to prevent rights holders from accessing their rightful dues.
Submitted by : Pete Swanepoel of MONTCLAIR on 2009-11-27 13:11:56
Hats off to the Gilfillans (and Noseweeks) of the world! And here's an average Joe question: What's the likelihood that SAMRO did NOT rip off Fassie?


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