Who's on Tannenbaum's ponzi laundry list?

Who's on Tannenbaum's ponzi laundry list?

Forensic investigations into the cash flow through the ponzi scheme for millionaires conducted by Barry Tannenbaum and various of his agents, such as Dean Rees and Darryl Leigh, have been coming to a head in recent weeks. Insolvency enquiries and even arrests are expected before too long.

Mr Nose, too, has been sniffing around and has managed to glean a provisional list of investors in the scheme and what amounts of money attach to them.

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Aer Trust
Ambrosi Brothers
Gareth Tindall
Sean Summers
South Point Management Services
Cobalt Capital
John Storey
Gregory Spark
Duncan Simpson-craib
Intec Management Holdings
Core Freight Systems
Dimension Data
Litsa Roussos
Anastasia Rossen
Arnold Sharp
Berniebee Investments
Nicholas Pagden
Jeremy Ord
Johnny Rosenberg
Marcole Investments
Norman Lowenthal
Mark Harris
Mark Gold
Jmr Capital
Michael Levy
Alon Belov
A J Smoekler
Ryan Kahn
Michael Moritz
First Technology Holdings
Barry Tannenbaum
Dean Rees
Darryl Leigh
Chris Harris
Strate Ltd
Tom Lawless
Robert Lowdon
Harold Krawitz
Andrew Carpenter
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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Reon De Reuck of Little Falls on 2009-11-02 16:52:31
I think a yacht isn't so safe anymore with all the pirates around or are they the pirates?
Submitted by : Gary Drimie of Jeffreys Bay on 2009-10-30 13:20:42
Well, it's nice to see these so called big hitters in the shit for a change. I figure that the SARS must get their due. Us poor & 'normal' salaried beings have to pay our tax, so should this lot. Everyone who made a profit should be forced to pay the full tax on it, plus face charges for tax avoidance if found. The Ponzi scheme also seems to have favoured the big investors and fleeced the smaller ones, plus anyone associated with the gang leaders made a huge profit... they should bring fraud charges against everyone who profited. Let the courts decide. I bet lots of these folk are scrambling for foreign citizenship right now... safest place is a yacht that never docks sailors.
Submitted by : Mark Oxford of JHB on 2009-10-30 11:05:30
Skip the trial and have the Madoff partners assin do their work! This is clearly a sophisticated hijacking..
Submitted by : Jon Quirk of Limpopo on 2009-10-30 08:57:42
It would seem to me that there are a considerable number of well-known characters who were "in" on the deal and should be arrested. The story unfolding will be watched with great interest.

Clearly there are people on this list that only a fool would do business with and I for one shall certainly not buy any of Jeremy Ord's wines.

Didn't he steal enough when he raped the widows and orphans who "invested" into DD when at the same time Jeremy and the other directors were dumping their manipulated and highly over-valued scrip?
Submitted by : Reon De Reuck of Little Falls on 2009-10-30 07:11:15
And so the story continues.


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