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Book Reviews
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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : Mister Kay of Young America on 2009-08-27 18:54:57
"Why is Asia steaming ahead while Africa remains mired in poverty? "

Because Africa followed the neoliberal model prescribed by the IMF and World Bank (privatisation, deregulation, corporate free markets) and Asia did not. Asia engaged in protectionism, provided universal healthcare and education. In Africa, so did UNIP in Zambia and ZANU-PF in Zimbabwe - all the nationalist parties - until the IMF interfered, and told them to shut those programs down 'to reduce government spending'.

Not 'incompetence', not even corruption (not only is there massive corruption in Asia, but it had no decisive impact).

The real reason is that Asian industries are in Asian hands, which means that money gets re-invested in Asia, whereas Africa's industries are in European and American hands, which means money gets reinvested in Europe and America. Yes, shame on the ANC for letting go of it's Freedom Charter ideals, but who was there to bribe and corrupt the ANC - the same Anglo-American entities that bled Africa dry during colonialism and apartheid.

Every year, Africa loses $1 trillion in raw materials, and receives in return $ 1/4 trillion in 'donor aid', with strings attached, most of which gets spent on companies and advisers from the 'donor' countries.


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