Behind the Jo'burg bar brawl

Behind the Jo'burg bar brawl
Why is it that the majority of political commentators assumed that the Judicial Services Commission would let Cape Judge President John Hlophe off the hook in the dispute between controversial beak and 11 judges of the Constitutional Court?

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Reader's comments

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Submitted by : on 2009-09-02 17:26:58
For the record, the resolution brought before the Bar Council calling upon Hlophe JP to resign was, in fact, debated at the meeting. The resolution was based upon the JSC's findings that Hlophe JP's conduct was "inappropriate; and that the explanations supplied by him to the Commission, were unsatisfactory". It is correct that AFT chose to boycott the meeting ( by a majority vote of 17 to 13) instead of attending in order to debate the issue. An alternate resolution was put forward that the Bar should await the reasons of the JSC and the possible review before it could take any further view on the issue. This resolution ( a cop-out, in our view) was carried.
Thereafter the Hlophe/Concourt debacle occurred and the rest is history.
Submitted by : Pete Swanepoel of MONTCLAIR on 2009-08-27 13:24:03
And the very LAST thing to be considered in this ongoing mess is the good of the country. It's all about boys, testosterone, money and favours. History will show the cost of the brawl that started as the Mbeki-Zuma irritation, and is now going through the "make Zuma untouchable" phase. It completely consumes the Wabenzi. They have no time at all left to lead, no time to govern, no time to dispense justice, no time to teach, no time to grow crops, no time to supply healthcare. The battle is all-consuming. Anyone who dares takes his eyes off it risks getting left behind as the spoils are shared.


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